The 2022/2023 Gateway to Prep Schools application is now available.
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As you consider secondary schools, please take a moment to imagine yourself at Phillips Academy Andover—an extraordinary community where friends, classmates, teammates, and faculty are passionate and eager to welcome smart, talented students. Put simply, here’s what makes Phillips Academy special: the people with whom you have the opportunity to engage. Our student body is designed to be diverse on many levels—geographic, racial, ethnic, religious, and, above all, socioeconomic. Andover’s commitment to a need-blind admission program, initiated in 2007, allows us the freedom to recruit and admit the students who are the best matches for the school—no matter their economic situation. Our students have the opportunity to learn how to be independent and advocate for themselves, to develop a passion for a subject that is brand new to them, and to make lifelong friendships with students and faculty they otherwise might have not met. This experience is transformative, inspiring personal and intellectual development. We take great pleasure introducing you to Andover, and we look forward to learning more about you through the application process. For more information, please visit

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