The 2020/2021 Gateway to Prep Schools application is now available.
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Welcome to The Academy at Charlemont, a public-spirited independent day school that combines the best of the classical academic tradition with a visible commitment to building and sustaining community. Academy students go to highly respected colleges and universities, and our alumni make a difference in their communities, in their professions, and in the world at large.

The Academy believes that the academic, liberal arts tradition is a challenging, intellectually stimulating ground on which young people can both learn to use their minds well, and furnish those minds with the kind of broad, basic knowledge needed to succeed in college and as citizens of the world. We believe in emphasizing connections among the academic disciplines because real world challenges require citizens to think beyond the discrete boundaries of academic disciplines, to look at things from many different angles. We believe that a school community based on values- self-reliance, industry, integrity, and compassion – encourages development of intellectual and social standards that reflect those values.

At The Academy, we affirm each individual’s unique contributions and at the same time we insist that individuals subscribe to a set of commonly held standards – civility, respect, concern for others – that helps students learn, grow, and become productive citizens. Here, you will surely “Find your voice. Speak your mind.”

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