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Thank you for your interest in Episcopal High School. Founded in 1839, Episcopal offers a dynamic and challenging curriculum; a commitment to moral and spiritual education; and a comprehensive extracurricular program that features art, drama, outdoor activities, community service, publications, and 15 different interscholastic sports. All of this education takes place on a 130-acre campus less than 10 miles from the vast educational, cultural, and political resources of our Nation's capital. Approximately, 34 percent of the student body receive financial assistance.

Our students appreciate the Episcopal boarding school experience: graduates leave EHS with the moral integrity, character development, and curiosity for learning necessary for a lifetime of purpose. A recent alumna said, “Choose Episcopal if you are willing to wake up each morning and explore who you want to be. Choose Episcopal if you want an experience where the most important question asked daily is, ‘What is the right thing to do.’”

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