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Located at the base of Colorado's majestic Rocky Mountains, Fountain Valley School combines intellectual rigor with a spirit of adventure and exploration. The school offers a college-preparatory day and boarding program for motivated students who seek a diverse and challenging learning experience within a close-knit and supportive community. Global education is a core component, and FVS is a member of Round Square, a consortium of more than 100 independent schools across the world that offers amazing opportunities for learning and exchange.

The school has a 1,100-acre main campus in Colorado Springs and a 40-acre Mountain Campus near Buena Vista, Colo. FVS is proud of its Western roots and location, and encourages students to embrace the many opportunities associated with living in the West, including the School's outdoor education and equestrian programs.

FVS also offers a full complement of athletics, including a prep hockey team, indoor climbing, mountain biking, cross country and track, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swimming, basketball and lacrosse.

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