The 2020/2021 Gateway to Prep Schools application is now available.
PLEASE NOTE: Our web servers run on Universal Time, which may differ from your time zone. However, our system takes that into consideration. If the system permits you to submit, your application will be considered, regardless of the time/date stamped on your application.

Thank you for your interest in our exciting and groundbreaking new school! As we bring together the best of Chinese, American and International approaches to education, Keystone is a school community dedicated to nurturing academic excellence, creativity, discovery, and compassion within its student body.We seek to bring together a group of broadly talented students in order to help them develop and grow in intellectual, physical, social, and cultural realms.

We are looking for students who are bright and bold in their thinking, creative in their approach, determined in their execution, collaborative in their teamwork, humble in their achievement, and hungry for opportunity. While students will face a demanding and immensely rewarding, bilingual curriculum at Keystone, they will also find caring teachers who are invested in their individual success, and a variety of opportunities to explore their interests in academics, visual arts, music, and athletics.

We look forward to having you apply to our school and to having you become a part of the exciting Keystone adventure! Learn more about our students and our program at


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