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We invite you to make a leap into an education unlike any other, where the academic and personal standards are among the highest in the nation, and where the community is one of the most uplifting you could ever join.

What sets Thacher apart?

Positive Risk Taking
We strongly believe that this is a key ingredient for becoming your best self. It means not just doing what you’re already good at. It’s why our students appreciate small classes where there are no back rows, galloping on horses and backpacking in the High Sierra, and why nobody opts out of athletics and the arts.

Achievement + Happiness
Achievement and excellence and health and happiness are mutually reinforcing. The research is in: happy kids achieve at a higher level

Supportive Peer Culture
Peer culture is the driving force behind much of what we do here. It’s why we’re so careful about the students we enroll and the community they help us create. At the heart of Thacher is a positive, nurturing, and authentic peer culture--one where honor, fairness, kindness, and truth are so much more than words in our mission statement.

Deep Relationships
Deep learning comes from deep relationships. Research tells us that students learn best when they know their teachers want them to succeed, yet still feel challenged to stretch toward goals that may feel out of reach but are ultimately achievable.

Power of Place
At Thacher, some of our best classrooms are not classrooms. Our beautiful, rugged 427-acre campus, with its steeply winding trails and expansive mountain views, provides a place like no other to learn, explore, and call home.

These distinctive traits embody life at Thacher as our students and teachers live it every day, and are the reason the Thacher experience shapes resilient, compassionate, and successful young men and women who are prepared to take on the world.

The Thacher School is a coeducational boarding high school (grades 9-12) located 85 miles northwest of Los Angeles, California. Since 1889, the School has served academically talented students who will benefit from a rigorous college preparatory experience. The faculty and students live and work closely together in a community in which cooperation, trust, honesty, and respect are the cornerstones of school life.

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