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Whittle School & Studios will be the first school for the Innovation Age. We will offer a truly global education across a network of modern, thoughtfully designed campuses around the world; a carefully developed progressive curriculum rooted in interdisciplinary and experiential learning; and an unequaled advising system to provide a personalized education. Our internationally renowned leadership team and supportive educators will create a culture that values risk-taking, creativity and rigorous scholarship. Our graduates will be ready to lead in the challenging world of their future. Each will shine in at least one purposeful, passionate pursuit; master at least one other language; and study in other cultures while remaining deeply connected to his or her homeland.

In fall 2019, our first two campuses will open in in Shenzhen, China, and Washington, D.C. Within a decade, we expect to have to a system of 30-plus schools in the world’s leading cities. Designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, these campuses will be inspiring environments where students can pursue their passions and achieve their highest potential. Flexible workspaces, theaters, on-campus accelerators, private music rooms, advanced sports facilities, and robotics and coding labs will ensure that education extends beyond classroom walls.

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